What is a Busbar?
It renders it possible to carry the electricity that is distributed by means of insulated Busbars enclosed in the aluminium and sheet metal body, from the desired points safely without interrupting the electricity supply by using specialised outputs.
Easy Busbar Cloud
Discover the digital world of project drawings with Easy Busbars.

What is Easy Busbar Cloud?

It is a CAD program that can run on internet browsers and the cloud, storing information of projects on the cloud. It provides an easier way of projecting ‘BUSBAR’ products manufactured by EAE ELECTRIC. Due to its brilliant features that can report various forms of data, it is 100% compatible with ERP programs, 3D projecting, voltage drop calculations, reporting software and material discovery list casting.


Smart Features and Quick Design

Thanks to its smart features, fast and accurate design can be performed.

Quick Conversion from Polyline to Busbar

Swift conversion from Polyline to Busbar line using the line creation feature.

Powered Algorithm

Due to the artificial intelligence software, the risk of incorrect designs is minimized. 3D Busbar designs can be achieved in all sectors.

Information and Data Security

All user information, reporting and project documentation are 100% secured by EAE on the EASY BUSBAR CLOUD platform. Only authorized personnel can access documents and information.

Project Design

With easy Busbar Cloud Software "Busbar Project" design can be performed, which is required by small and large businesses

Project Dimensioning

Projecting according to Imperial and Metric measuring units.

Import DWG Files

Autocad (DWG) files can be imported into the program.

3D Work

3D designs can be performed using architectural plans.

easy busbar
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Voltage Drop Calculations

For the Busbar Design, voltage drop calculations can be made and a report can be generated.

Proje Listeleme

Project File Listings

The ability to view all currently prepared project files

Project sharing between users

Project drawing files can be transferred between users. (Only authorized personnel have access to these files)